Win Hlaing, B.Sc (Corporate Partner)

Win Hlaing is a Corporate Partner of Myanmar Legal Advisors Group. He graduated with B.Sc from University of Yangon and served as a Director/Assistant Registrar of the Companies Registration Office of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

He offers professional and entrepreneurial-focused legal assistance in all aspects of corporate governance including company registration, renewal, winding up and corporate secretarial services such as:

Company Constitution
  • Ensuring that the company complies with its constitution
  • Drafting and incorporating amendments in accordance with the correct procedures

Statutory Returns

Reporting the Companies Registration Office on:
  • any changes in the director(s) of a company or particulars relating to director(s)
  • changes to a director’s name or residential address
  • removal from office in accordance with the Act or constitution
  • disqualification from holding office
  • appointments/resignations/deaths/liquidation
  • annual returns
  • change of company name
  • adoption, alteration and revocation of constitution
  • issue of shares

Report and Accounts
  • Coordinating the publication and distribution of the company’s annual report, accounts and interim statement
  • Preparing directors’ report

Share Registration
  • Maintaining the company’s register of members
  • Assisting with transfers and other matters affecting shareholdings
  • Attending to the queries and requests from shareholders

Corporate Governance
  • Reviewing developments in corporate governance
  • Advising and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities and compliance with their personal obligations under company law