Kyaw Sein, B.A (Law), LL.B (Chief Legal Advisor)

Kyaw Sein is a Chief Legal Advisor and founder of Myanmar Legal Advisors Group which has been established since 1995. He graduated with B.A (Law) and LL.B from University of Yangon and subsequently joined public service in 1972. He has (40) years of experience in legal field including (35) years of service as a government law officer.

He was a Deputy Director General of the Legislative Drafting Department of the Attorney General's Office and handled, supervised and drafted more than 200 Myanmar laws at the time of his retirement from Government Body.

He is especially identified as an accredited legal advisor to the government bodies and ministries after his retirement from Government Body with regard to the legislative drafting and modification of currently enacted Laws and Regulations of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Given his concentration in the area of legal drafting, corporate and commercial issues and both civil and criminal litigation for more than 40 years, he also writes on the following books on Myanmar Laws;
  • Civil & Criminal Practice for Lawyers (1981)
  • Applied Law of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances
    (1995, Revised 1997, Revised 2003)
  • Applied Laws of Notice (1997)
  • The Law of Pleading and Civil Practice (1997, Revised 2012)
  • Applied Special Criminal Laws Vol. I (1999)
  • Applied Special Criminal Laws Vol. II (2004)
  • Applied Special Criminal Laws Vol. III (2008)
  • Civil Procedure Code's Amendments of 2002 & 2008 and Commentaries (2010)
Since 2012 he was also appointed as a Member of Finance and Law Commission, Senate of the Union Assembly of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.